Call for contributions for the journal Historia Actual Online: Twentieth-century dictatorships and religion

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Empire(s) - Volume 5 of Historein: a review of the past and other stories

Until a few year ago the term “empire” was being used to describe systems of political power that were considered to belong to bygone historical eras whether these were the empires of Antiquity and the Middle Ages or forms of colonial exploitation and control. The reappearance of the term “empire” in the last years with the view to describe contemporary forms of global order and of structures of power makes evident the reassessment of the historicity of the term and the investigation of its changing notions. With these objectives in mind the 5th volume of Historein addresses the question of empire(s).

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About eurotopics

"In preparation for a European public, a new service is to be offered outlining the most important contemporary debates concerning social and political issues, problems, protagonists and opinions.

The need for this is understandable in a Europe whose character is predominantly moulded by national identities because of the complex process of opinion-forming for a wider public. Its objectives are to intensify trans-European discussions as well as the development of new networks for medial, cultural and political exchanges.

The online platform is being expanded: Emphasis will be placed on selected articles on European topics in addition to a database with the main figures in political education in Europe.

European Press Review

For the daily press review, editors and correspondents sift out the most important newspapers from 26 European states (EU and Switzerland) and deliver excerpts from opinion articles, reflections, essays and commentaries. Their contributions will contain concise, objective introductions to each discussion as well as translations of the key quotes.

When possible, links to the original articles will be set up. Additionally, links with further information are provided. The European Press Review topics will cover politics, media, society, culture and contemporary history.

The press review will be published in three languages (English, French, German) and a free e-mail newsletter is available for subscription.

The European press review is provided by the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung). It is compiled by Perlentaucher Medien GmbH (Berlin) in cooperation with Courrier International (Paris)."

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